Monsanto, the company responsible for Roundup (a herbicide, aka weed killer) and Roundup Ready crops (herbicide-resistant plants), is subsidizing the purchase of their competitors’ weed killer.  At first blush it sounds crazy for a weed-killer company to pay their customers to buy competing product–the expressway to insolvency.  It’s especially crazy when you realize that Roundup is the “gateway drug” for Roundup Ready crops.  Due to their ability to patent genetic processes, Monsanto monopolizes the ability to control weeds by spraying a plant-killer directly on crops.

One might think that more Roundup means more Roundup Ready crops, so why promote Roundup substitutes?  The answer is simply because Mother Nature does her job a hell of a lot better than Monsanto–“Roundup Ready” weeds threaten the solvency of Monsanto’s business model.  Yet another reason for Monsanto to not get cocky about their claim to double crop yield by 2030.

(HT: Green Fields)