I’ve seen blogs where, after a lapse in writing, the blogger apologizes to the faithful readership. I’ve always thought it was vain for the blogger to assume any such readership. I only check one semi-dormant blog for updates. (It’s this one.) Otherwise, I don’t have time.

So this apology is for prospective readers. To my coauthors, my graduate students, editors, and everyone else waiting for me to reply to their email: I apologize. Doing my best to eschew new commitments, I planned to spend the summer catching up. But ‘urgent’ things keep popping up; I’m never going to fulfill all of my obligations.

And I need to practice/experiment with my writing. This forum is perfect. I’m not just writing to myself, so I need to try being reasonably clear. But there is a good chance that I am writing to myself; so if I fail to be clear, it’s no big deal.

So, I’m going to start blogging again. But I will still do my best to eventually reply to your email.

I’m considering saying something about the writing style I’m experimenting with at the bottom of my posts. In this post I’m experimenting with using conjunctions to express quickness. I want to give a sense of “this isn’t a long-thought-out apology, which would–by it’s nature–be insincere. No, this is a sincere, if hurried, apology.”