When I was a punk-ass undergrad at BYU (as opposed to the punk-ass professor I am now), I wrote an op-ed and submitted it to the student newspaper, the Daily Universe. The op-ed was titled, “The superior social science.” In it, I make the following assertion:

not only is economics, per se, a challenging and rewarding field of study, but it is THE field of study among the social sciences.

I make some pretty outrageous, incendiary, and, frankly, absurd claims. I wrote it and submitted it on a whim, sitting in the computer lab waiting for a friend to finish his homework. The fact that I meant it to be ironical slowly becomes apparent. Eventually, I make the following declaration:

everyone who believes in freedom at this university knows that markets do not lie.

In the end, I decry Sigmund Freud “because he wasn’t an economist.”

Not everyone caught the irony of it. Some people applauded it or were offended by it. But I think most people just laughed.

The Superior Social Science